Look for the lighthouse… nice phrase to start with. Actually, we have been looking for the lighthouse for 10 years, when for the first time we talked about the idea of ​​creating something together, of undertaking, of being able to dedicate ourselves one day to something that we are truly passionate about. Idyllic ideas that, to this day, are becoming a reality, like our brand, which is getting closer to seeing the light. Morrison is the result of the passion felt by the three friends that make up this shoe.

When people ask us “why Morrison?”… well, we just look at each other and just smile. Morrison is an impulse, a sharing that we do not doubt for a moment. The first time we heard the name of Morrison in Pablo's mouth we knew that it was that one, that it was our brand, that we had it. From there everything was easier.

Since May 2015, slowly but surely, knowing that if we did something we had to do it well, do something different that we were proud of. A long journey that has been useful for something has been to realize that undertaking is not easy of course. During this time we have surrounded ourselves with excellent professionals, people who are really worth it, with whom it is a pleasure to work and from whom we never stop learning; without them this would not be possible.

Thanks to Belén, Andrés, Santi, Ernesto…they are a very active part of this company, of this group of friends who want to be something big.

We hope that with this short text we have been able to convey a small part of the emotion and passion that we are putting into this adventure. Something big is getting closer, we are sure of that and we want you to join us in the search for that beacon that will create a new trend.

Thank you for reading us and for helping us grow a little more.