What is sustainable fashion?

What is sustainable fashion?

Who said that sustainable fashion is boring? At Morrison we break that idea and we are committed to eco-friendly shoes that not only look great and are tremendously original, but also allow you to respect the environment. 

That's why today we're going to talk to you about what this type of fashion is and how we apply the sustainable philosophy in the creation and production of our footwear.

Are you ready, let's get started!


What is sustainable fashion?

Sustainable fashion encompasses a range of practices considered throughout the product's life cycle. This includes the choice of materials, the manufacturing process and the people who contribute to its production.

Sustainable fashion seeks to reduce its environmental impact by carefully choosing materials and optimising production. Materials should be organic, recycled or renewable, and manufacturing should minimise pollution. 

In summary, sustainable fashion is conscious fashion, and that consciousness extends throughout all stages of production.


Benefits of green and sustainable fashion

Sustainable and eco fashion has many benefits. And here we leave you a compilation of its advantages:

  1. Care for the environment: Sustainable fashion, thanks to the materials and production processes with which it is produced, helps to reduce the environmental footprint and preserve the planet. 
  2. Materials with a second life: Sustainable fashion is characterised by using materials that have already been used, giving them a second useful life. This is why within sustainable fashion it is so common to see the use of recycled materials.
  3. Durability: Sustainable fashion advocates durability, using materials with a long useful life. Thus, investing in sustainable fashion is a safe bet for the long term.

    Sustainable fashion: Materials

    In sustainable fashion, materials are the key. Examples of sustainable materials are, for example, vegan leather, organic cotton or recycled rubber.

    Vegan leather is a perfect substitute and more environmentally and animal-friendly than non-vegan leather. 

    Organic cotton is a natural and renewable material that is grown without the use of pesticides and fertilisers, making it more sustainable than traditional cotton.

    On the other hand, instead of using new materials, the use of recycled materials is essential. In this way, sustainable fashion gives another life to materials that would otherwise be discarded. An example of this is the recycled rubber that is often used in the manufacture of sneakers.


    Morrison, a brand that makes sustainable fashion

    At Morrison, we have it clear: sustainable fashion is present in our shoes. That's why we carefully select our materials, looking for them to be environmentally friendly and at the same time offer the quality and durability that characterise our trainers.

    So, if you are looking for sneakers with a design that will not go unnoticed and that are made in an eco-friendly production system... Our sneakers are for you! We offer you a collection of recycled sneaker, eco friendly sneakers and sustainable sneakers that you can buy on our website.


    Sustainable and eco-friendly footwear

    If you want to be fashionable, but not at any price, at Morrison we offer a collection of sustainable and eco-friendly shoes for both men and women.

    Our designs are unisex and, as well as being environmentally friendly, they are designed so that the wearer can express his or her personality. 

    They are original, stylish and free of fabrics, dyes and other materials that are harmful to the planet.