We answer the question: How do I know my shoe size?

We answer the question: How do I know my shoe size?

OK, we know you've had this happen to you: You go to your favourite online shop (ahem, we know it's Morrison), you find a pair of trainers you love, but when it's time to click the "buy" button, you're plagued with questions like: How do I know my shoe size? Will the size I have in mind be the right one?

In Morrison we want to solve this typical question. That's why we're going to give you the definitive guide on how to know your shoe size.

Here we go!

Not sure about your shoe size? We'll help you!

Whether you're into indie, rock or electronica, in the end, we all want shoes that make us feel like stars on stage. 

That's why we at Morrison's have created a size guide that, as well as being practical, will make you feel like you're choosing the perfect setlist for an unforgettable concert. 

Ready to learn your shoe size? Grab that tape measure, follow our tips and find your ideal Morrison shoe size.

The Morrison trainer sizing guide

At Morrison we strive to make sure you get your sneaker size right the first time. So, as we don't want you to take a gamble, the first thing we recommend is that you use a tape measure and measure the length of your foot

This way, in just a few minutes, you will have the centimetres of the trainer size that you should choose.

And, if you have fallen in love with one of our shoes and you want to have our size guide at hand, we leave you here a table with the sizes and centimetres.

35 23
36 23,5
37 24
38 24,5
39 25
40 25,5
41 27
42 28
43 28,6
44 29,2
45 29,9
46 30,6


Please note that our sizing guide applies to all the shoes on our website, so whether you are considering buying Morrison high top shoes or Morrison low top shoes or any of our collections... You can use the same guide!

And, if you already know what your size is and you've checked on the web that we don't currently have yours...

Remember that we usually replenish stock in a maximum of 4 weeks in the shoes that we keep in collection. So if this is your case... Stay tuned! And set an alarm to buy original Morrison shoes ;)

Yes, we've heard that sigh of frustration. You've been excited about a pair of trainers, you've been anxiously awaiting their arrival, and then.... they don't fit!

But is all lost? Well, not quite.


While there's no guarantee that it will work 100%, there are a few tactics you can try if your trainers aren't your size:

-The freezer trick: It sounds a bit random, but sometimes it works. Fill an airtight plastic bag halfway with water, place it inside the shoe, making sure it goes all the way to the toe. Then put the slippers in the freezer. 

The freezing water will expand and stretch your shoes a little. Leave the slippers in the freezer for about 8 hours and then let them thaw. Repeat if necessary.

-Wear thick socks: If your shoes are too big for you and you can't change them, you can put on a pair of thick socks and then put them on. 

Of course, it's always better to be safe than sorry. So next time, check out our sizing guide before you buy and save yourself those moments of frustration at not having your size.

On the other hand, remember that if your shoes are Morrison and you haven't chosen the right size, you can return them within 30 days of receiving your order.