3 outfit ideas to go to a concert

Tell us what you listen to and we'll tell you which Morrisons are for you . If you have in mind going to a concert and you want an outfit that is comfortable and that gives you a aesthetics with a lot of vibes and adapted to the type of music you are going to listen to, In this article we tell you which sneakers and what clothes are the ideal ones to go to that musical event that you have marked on your agenda.

Here we go!


How to dress for a concert?

Clothes + shoes for a Rock concert

If you grew up listening to great rock hits and your skin crawls just hearing that a colleague proposes you to go to a concert of this genre... At Morrison we have prepared a perfect look for you !

Of course, the protagonists of this outfit are our "Rocker", some sneakers from our “Back to the music” collection, designed in white with a gray toecap and black side strips. They are made of 100% leather, a resistant, flexible and comfortable material, perfect for dancing, jumping and enjoying that long-awaited concert.

And how can you combine our “Rocker”? At Morrison we have different Tshirts with which you can create a brutal combination. For example, the mythical basic in garnet color It is one of the perfect candidates since it will give a touch of color to your outfit.

And, if you are in love with accessories, you can add our Black Trucker cap and our maroon socks to your outfit, to match the cami.

Complete outfit for Pop concert

You are from catchy, danceable melodies and you're dying to go to a concert of your favorite pop group ? So you have to start getting your tickets and planning your outfit to enjoy that long-awaited moment.

If you need inspiration, we suggest our Caramel sneakers, some sneakers by the artist Be Fernandez that stand out for their pop aesthetics and their cheerful colors, ideal to include them in your plans in which your mission will be to dance and hum non-stop.


If you are looking for a way to combine these sneakers, you can do it with one of the t-shirts from the same collection designed by the artist, The Sun and Van Life t-shirts. Both very colorful garments, ideal for days when you need to get good vibes.

Look to enjoy live Indie

If you want to show the world the essence that makes you unique to go to that indie concert that you have marked on your agenda, we recommend our Inka slippers, some different sneakers, one of those that become your essentials from the first moment.

They are made of suede, in soft tones such as sand, brown and light blue. Its sole is vanilla in color and its print is ethnic and special. They are one of the sneakers that demonstrate the essence and spirit that characterizes Morrison. And to combine them we offer you a matching cami, the Inkaa Tee, with the blue logo on the chest and the print of the sneakers on the back of the t-shirt.

Remember that all the garments on our website are made in Spain. So if you want buy clothes made in Spain that has style, Morrison it's the right store. In addition, our shoes are also nationally manufactured and are hand-sewn, which ensures a perfect finish. Ideal for breaking the corduroy at each concert!