Discover Morrison's most iconic sneakers

Do you know what are the Morrison's most iconic sneakers ? Today, we take a tour of our Nineties, the first silhouette of the brand whose design has become a true icon, a hallmark of all those who have been #BuscandoElFaro for years.

What are Morrison's most iconic sneakers?

Every Morrison shoe is a story. It is a memory or a memorable moment with friends, in which music, art, perseverance or goals achieved are present.

And, although all our sneakers are special in themselves, today we want to highlight our Nineties silhouette, our first range that, thanks to the great reception of each model, and the perfect design of each of them, has become one of the most iconic of our store.

In this article, we review different Nineties sneakers, vintage sneakers, and, we remind you that, if you still do not have one of these Morrison in your closet, now you have time to get one of the original sneakers more top of our web.




Super demanded since it went on sale. The iconic Maya Nineties are one of the green slippers that attract attention for their mint green split leather and their ethnic print, a combination that breaks with everything that has already been created.

With a fresh and innovative aesthetic, they are perfect for those for whom creativity, difference or originality are values ​​that define their day to day.




Aesthetically, the Evergreen sneakers seem to bring the autumn season with them. They are a breath of fresh air capable of dividing your life into two stages: Before and after having them in your closet.

Their carefree and casual air makes them fit into any look or situation. For this reason, Evergreen shoes are one of the most iconic from Morrison, because our Evergreens never fail.



Discreet but different. Iconic and chosen by many of you. who wear our cream colored slippers Inka can enjoy sneakers with soft colors, such as sand, light blue or light brown.

If you are looking for a shoe with which you will never fail, the one that you can always use because of the great vibes and elegance that it gives off, the Inka are your model.




Fantasy print, made in blue and black with corduroy tongue. The Coq shoes are one of the models that write the history of Morrison. They are one of the best-selling models and, not surprisingly, since, since their launch, they have captivated all those who are #BuscandoElFaro and just leave illuminate by the light of the inspiring and different designs.

Now, you know our most iconic range of sneakers, if you are missing a model in your collection, take advantage and put it in your cart. And show off your vibe with one of our top sneakers!