What are vegan shoes and what are they made of?

What are vegan shoes and what are they made of?

Are you struggling to find cool shoes that are also vegan? Have you just started veganism, need new shoes and don't know which materials are vegan? 

If you feel lost, don't worry, you're in the right place! At Morrison's we know that information is power, that's why, in this article, we become your Lighthouse to enlighten you and clear all your doubts about what shoes for veggies are and what they are made of.

Here we go!


What are vegan shoes?

The first lesson in diving into the world of vegan footwear is to clarify what they are. OK, it seems obvious, but believe us there may be some concepts that may escape you if you're just starting out in the veggie world.

As you can imagine, vegan footwear is a type of shoe that is made from cruelty-free materials, meaning they are free from animal suffering.

When choosing vegan shoes, it's very important to make sure that all parts of the shoe include vegan materials because, spoiler: Sometimes only the sole is vegan, or the side covers, or the insoles... So, your mission, before adding them to the cart, will be to read, and check, carefully that all the shoes themselves are vegan.


How are vegan shoes made?

In addition to including materials that are 100% vegan, it is essential that no animal by-products are included in the manufacture of vegan shoes.

For example, it is essential that no waxes or glues are used whose ingredients are of animal origin.

It is also essential that the brand does not use materials that have previously been tested on animals. 

This is important in a vegan shoe production process, as for a shoe to be cruelty-free, it must not include any materials or products that have been tested on animals.

Vegan footwear materials

Thanks to advances, the popularity of the vegan philosophy and the creativity of many brands, nowadays there are many cruelty free materials with which cool vegan shoes can be made.

And it's because we must move away from the idea that vegan shoes are boring or that their patterns are unattractive because... Nowadays, nothing could be further from the truth.

By combining certain materials, you can make original vegan shoes with a design that will make them your favourite shoes.

Thanks to materials such as vegan corduroy, synthetic suede, microfibre, or cotton, at Morrison, we create vegan sneakers with a distinctive and iconic aesthetic.


Are all vegan shoes environmentally friendly?

The answer is simple and quick: No, not all vegan shoes are ecological.

The two concepts are often confused. What is thought to be good and respectful of animals is often considered to be good for the environment.

But you can find vegan shoes with materials that are polluting and therefore not environmentally friendly.

And... How can you know if the vegan sneakers you're so eager to buy are also eco-friendly sneakers?

For example, the shoes are made from recycled materials. A plus for your vegan shoes to be ecological is that they are made with recycled materials. The fact that the brand has reused materials for the manufacture of your shoes is essential, since the materials will not have to be produced from scratch, so they are less polluting. 

PS: At Morrison's you can buy vegan shoes made from recycled rubber. Do you want an example? Our Varsity shoes comply with this or our Arabic shoes, take a look at them!


How do I know if my shoes are vegan?

As we have already mentioned, to know if a shoe is vegan, you should look at its materials to corroborate that they are vegan. Of course, it should not include materials such as leather, silk, animal-based glues...

In addition, vegan footwear usually includes a label that differentiates it and marks it as vegan. At Morrison, you can find this label on the product page of the shoes. So, if you shop online, you can check to see if the sneakers you want include the "Vegan" label.

In our online shop, you can find in our category of vegan shoes, a great variety of shoes that include this label. 

So, if you want to buy vegan shoes online, Morrison is the ideal place!

Take a look at our models and... We assure you that you'll fall in love with more than one of them at first sight. Get yours now and show the world that vegan shoes CAN be cool!