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Alpha is about overcoming yourself, improving the present, evolve and revolve what is already there. 

These are not just simply sneakers. These are THE SNEAKERS.


In Morrison, we follow our dreams in a differently. Alpha is a natural evolution of the brand. The revolution of the “casual-runner" concept. 

Making sneakers great again

We are constantly looking to evolve, improve and overcome ourselves.

These are not simply sneakers. These are THE SNEAKERS. 

Being copied is cool. Can’t be copied is even cooler.

Being like everyone is being no one. Our sneakers are recognisable and iconic.

The new Alpha are even more. Trying to copy them would be so complex that is not even worth the try.

Evolve & Revolve. Re-evolve.

We close the circle by offering a different type of sneakers for each type of person.

We changed the market with the Nineties. Now we are doing it with Alpha. 

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