Sneakers and suit look, an outfit that never fails

How to combine a suit with sneakers?

If you are thinking of combining a suit with sneakers, we tell you that this option is perfect for those looking for a unique and avant-garde style. Whether it's for a business meeting, a wedding or you simply want to look elegant on a night out, the Morrison suit + sneakers combo will make you stand out and attract everyone's attention.

And, as you already know, sneakers are a type of footwear that stands out for its versatility. So they are perfect to combine with all types of suits, from classic slim-fit suits to more casual suits.

Of course, if you want to know the TOP combinations, we show you the most groundbreaking ones below:

Suit with white sneakers

There are sneakers that never go out of style. Those you can always turn to when you want to create an elegant and original look.

So, if you are one of those who bet everything on white, combining your suit with white sneakers can be a winning option. For example, with our Heritage, shoes that revolutionize the concept of classic white sneakers thanks to their linen and recycled cotton details.

And what should the outfit that accompanies this type of shoes be like? We recommend that you go for a minimalist style by choosing a suit in neutral tones so that the shoes are the true protagonists.

Blue suit with sneakers

Who said that formal style and more casual shoes can't go together?

The blue suit with sneakers is sweeping the fashion world . It is a versatile and original combination that breaks the barriers between formal and informal.

If you are thinking of dressing in this combo, you can combine your blue suit with modern but elegant sneakers like our Maya or Shelby... Or dare with more striking colors and designs.

Gray suit with white sneakers

If we agree on something, it is that gray is an all-terrain color to turn to when you don't know what to wear.

Of course, if you are going to opt for a gray suit, the ideal is that you combine them with colorful sneakers to give a touch of joy to your look.

Do you want an example? Our Ethyl or our Venice will give you the touch of color that your outfit needs.

What brand of sneakers to choose to combine with a suit?

When we talk about an outfit that adds cool, looks like suits with sneakers inevitably come to mind. And this combination, which combines the formality of the suit and the informality of the shoes, provides a different and different image. And we love that.

For this reason, when we consider which brand of sneakers to combine with a suit , it is also inevitable that Morrison sneakers come to mind, since they are in the same line: they are different, they are cool and they achieve a unique style.

If you are going to opt for Morrison sneakers, we tell you that there are an infinite number of models and colors that you can combine with your suit. For example, on our website you can find pink sneakers , like our Bel-Air, green sneakers , like our Maya or Evergreen, brown sneakers, like our Kansas or Oxford...

In short, on our website you can buy sneakers of all kinds of colors and sneakers so that you can combine them depending on the type of suit you are wearing.

What are you waiting for to buy your shoes and wear a different and unique look?