Today begins a new chapter in the Morrison story. It's a day of celebration as we take a step we've been working hard on for the past few months. Although It is not a single step, it is a gigantic leap.

It is not just another launch, not even a new product. It is the culmination of a philosophy that we have been weaving for months, it could be said that since we created the foundations of Morrison.

Morrison was born with the vocation of being much more than a shoe brand. As you could have read in our brand and logo post, we invested a lot of time thinking about what we wanted to convey with our corporate identity. They could not be trivial elements, they had to evoke very specific feelings that configured a brand philosophy with which you and we felt identified.

The lighthouse and Morrison. The perfect pairing. We felt that we wanted to always carry it with us. Not only in our shoes, but in many other things. And that day has arrived. Today, July 4, 2018, we present to you our first limited edition clothing line.

Today we're launching 5 carefully crafted T-shirts to convey what Morrison stands for and what we've done so far. Made in Spain, with the highest quality and durability and a pattern designed exclusively for us. No other brand has it.

But it won't be a normal release, it had to be something much more exciting ;)

Starting today, we will put a T-shirt model on sale every day with a 25% discount, but only for 24 hours. There is a trap, as you imagine. You will not be able to see the design of the shirt, you have to trust us . If you risk buying during those first 24 hours, you will have a 25% discount. After those 24 hours, we will show the shirt, we will put it at a normal price and the game will begin with the next model. So from Wednesday to Sunday. 5 days, 5 t-shirts. 25% discount, only 24 hours.  You can change the size for free, but not the model. And not, we will never do that discount again.

launch mechanics

Wednesday 4

Model 1 hidden.   25% discount for 24 hours.

Thursday 5

Model 1 visible at normal price.

Model 2 hidden.   25% discount for 24 hours

Friday the 6th

Model 1 and 2 visible at normal price.

Model 3 hidden.   25% discount for 24 hours.

Saturday 7

Model 1, 2 and 3 visible at normal price.

Model 4 hidden.   25% discount for 24 hours.

Sunday 8

Model 1, 2, 3 and 4 visible at normal price.

Model 5 hidden.   25% discount for 24 hours.

Monday 9

All models visible at normal price.


We know you wanted to wear the lighthouse, now you no longer have to wear it engraved on your skin. It is the first step of everything that will come. A new chapter. And we hope you continue to be a part of it. 

Alvaro, Pablo and Alvaro.

Morrison Team.