We teach you how to remove the bad smell from your sneakers

First of all... Why do Sneakers smell bad?

It has happened to all of us: after a long day, you take off your sneakers and you find a not very pleasant smell, and you wonder why my sneakers smell bad ?

This occurs because foot sweat mixes with the bacteria that reside inside the footwear, creating that characteristic bad odor. It can also affect the cover of your shoes being stained, generating a bad smell.

But don't worry, because at Morrison we have some tricks and products that will solve the problem.

What products to use to eliminate bad odor?

The first thing of all is to start with a deep cleaning of your shoes to eliminate the bad smell .

What products should you use? What would be the step by step? We tell you!

Preparation :

  • Start by removing the laces from your sneakers. This not only makes cleaning easier, but also prevents them from getting dirty or damaged during the process.

Remove Surface Dirt:

  • Light Stains: If the stain is light, use a cleaning crepe to treat superficial stains. If you don't have yours at home yet, we recommend our special Morrison shoe cleaning crepe ;). Once you have your crepe, you should rub the softer part over the stain, as if you were erasing a mark.
  • Tough Stains : For deeper stains, use the thickest part of the cleaning crepe. Apply the same gentle rubbing technique.
  • Important: Remember not to wet the shoes or the crepe rubber during this process .

Application of the Hydrophobic Spray:

  • Once you have cleaned the stains, we recommend applying Hydrophobic Spray , as it is a product designed to provide a protective layer on the surfaces to which it is applied.
  • Its main function is to repel water and, in many cases, other types of liquids .
  • This makes it especially useful for protecting your sneakers and others from moisture, water stains, and damage caused by contact with liquids , helping you keep your sneakers clean and odor-free .

Applying it is very simple, you just have to:

  • Shake the hydro spray well.
  • Apply evenly over the entire surface, maintaining a safe distance of approximately 15 cm.
  • Finally, let the shoes dry naturally, avoiding direct exposure to the sun or the use of heat sources such as dryers.

This cleaning method not only works to keep your sneakers from smelling bad , but it also protects them and keeps them in optimal condition .

Home remedies, are they effective in eliminating bad odor?

If you don't stop reading all kinds of home tricks and remedies on the internet that promise to solve the bad smell in your sneakers... Let us tell you something: These types of tips are not usually respectful of the fabric of your sneakers, they can end up eliminating the bad smell. smell, but they will end up ruining your shoes.

That is why we recommend purchasing professional products that have been specially designed to take care of your shoes, like the ones we mentioned previously.