Colo López is one of the best tattoo artists in the country.

His passion comes from afar. Soon he began to tattoo himself until he made the leap to important studios throughout Spain and Europe.

The studio where he works in Madrid, Veneno Tattoo, is a pilgrimage center for hundreds of people who want to get his hands on them to tattoo their bodies. He defends good work, constant practice, composition, tattooing as a concept...

His inspiration is music, comics, urban life...

His style is constantly evolving, although the easiest thing to do is to see him tattooing in the Old School style.

We wanted to celebrate this association with the new collection of Limited Edition Colo X Morrison t-shirts, designed by him. You can see them at

If you want to find him, you will have to look for him in the Veneno Tattoo studio, in Madrid, and on his Instagram profile @cololopeztattoo

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