The name and logo (in our case imagotype -since it is made up of letters and symbols) of a brand is considered by many to be one of the most important aspects to resolve in the initial phase of a business project, even more so in a related one. with fashion. It is something that we are constantly asked: Why a lighthouse? Where does Morrison come from? In this post we want to tell you about the process until we got to choose the logo and the name of our brand.

In our particular case, we have to say that we spent a lot of time on this decision. If you think about it, your name and logo is the first thing that will reach people and what will be transmitted by word of mouth, so it must be very well defined. When you are unknown, the few times your brand name is mentioned it is important that it does not go unnoticed and that it is easy to remember.

Taking these aspects into account, we set some basic requirements that our brand name had to meet:

It had to be a name that was pronounced the same as it is read. That is to say, that it did not have -for example- an Anglo-Saxon pronunciation.

It was important that anyone, of any age or cultural level, could easily pronounce the name when reading it and there was no room for possible phonetic errors. The litmus test was asking our grandmothers how our brand was pronounced. It's foolproof.

It had to be a name that was pronounced the same in any Western language.

At this point, we think about the future internationalization of the brand. If one day we are lucky enough to carry out a brand expansion strategy, we will need the name of our brand to be pronounced outside of Spain as it is read in any Western language. In English, French, Italian or German our name is pronounced exactly the same.

That it reminds us of the beach, music and motorcycles, three of our great hobbies.

We wanted our brand to have a part of us. Just as the design of the shoe was born as an influence of the three founding partners, we wanted the name to have something of us and three of our great hobbies -football apart- are music, motorcycles and the beach. Morrison reminds us of all that.

4th That it be a single word and not have more than three syllables.

Hasn't it happened to you that certain brands that have compound names simplify them into one of the words for simple convenience? Tommy (Hilfiger), (Polo) Ralph Lauren or Levi's (Levi Strauss) Let's not fool ourselves, we are very comfortable.

If we want to transmit something with the name of our brand (music, motorbikes and beach) it is important that it be fully pronounced, so we are going to make your job easier.

5º That it was not registered within the fashion epigraph.

Important topic and quite exclusive. We lived with the Trademark and Patent Registry page open 24 hours a day.

From then on, a three-month job began with daily proposals from the three that were never convincing, without even going through the Registry filter. But one day Morrison appeared and there was no doubt. The three of us lined up and went for him. We were very convinced.

But we ran into a problem along the way: the Registry. There was already a trademark registered in our same heading with the same name. Horror! We informed ourselves and they told us that we could try to register it and, if there was no opposition from the other brand, it would be ours. We studied the other brand and saw that it had been inactive for years, so we threw the blanket over our heads, registered it and waited for the four long months that had to pass without any opposition. One of the happiest days we have lived was when the confirmation letter from the Registry arrived: Morrison was ours.

With the logo, or rather, "isotype" (the non-text part of the misnamed logo), the truth is that it was somewhat simpler . It didn't take us that long to find the ideal. Perhaps it was rather the other way around. He got us. We wanted something very iconic, that would attract attention but be elegant if tomorrow we wanted to use it to make t-shirts, sweatshirts, shirts... the story of how we came up with it is curious.

The three founders of Morrison have been friends since we were teenagers and, furthermore, we belong to a group of 15 friends who have always been together. Since then, the 15 of us have traveled every summer together, we see each other every weekend in Madrid… even today this continues to be the case. And when we started with Morrison it coincided that we were thinking of getting a tattoo for the 15 friends that would symbolize that stage, something that we would always remember. As the moments of greatest conviviality for our group of 15 friends occurred in summer, when we traveled for one or two weeks to some place on the coast, we thought that we had to look for some coastal element that symbolized that. And soon we saw the light: A LIGHTHOUSE! Without wanting to, we had found the iconic logo that we were looking for and that, in addition, had all the relationship with our friends and our youth. It was perfect.

The design of what the lighthouse or Morrison's typography would look like is better not explained to you. It would be better if our graphic designer told it. He came close to killing us three times because of how heavy we went with the details. “What if I want the “M” more arched, what if the stripes of the logo are like this…” But it had to be like that. Something very important for us was starting, nothing could be left to chance.