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Morrison and the Lighthouse are inspired by the search of your life purpose, to fight for what you are truly passionate about and to make it different from the rest.

We are passionate about sneakers and we created Morrison to make them different, recognizable and iconic.



Are you different enough?

We made a sneaker model with a lot of pieces to play with that allows us to make incredible combinations of colours, prints, textures... All of this gives different personalities to our designs.

There is one Morrison for each person. Which Morrison are you?

Made in Spain

Our sneakers are 100% handmade in Spain. We are committed to fair trade in order to guarantee the rights and fair conditions of all workers.

We use the best materials to offer the best quality and comfort in our sneakers. They are beautiful, but also comfortable.


Go for it, do it different

Morrison's start could not be a common one. It had to be different. That's why we decided to launch our brand to the market with a Crowdfunding Campaign in 2016 (when many people didn't know yet what a Crowdfunding was).

Thanks to the incredible support of all the people who believed in us and supported our 2 Crowdfunding Campaigns, we managed to raise more than 150,000 euros to finance our project without even having manufactured the shoes.

+2000 PEOPLE

More than 2000 people from 20 different countries helped us to launch our project. It was reported in more than 15 media.


Morrison is formed by 3 friends born in 1990 who always had the dream of creating something together. Our passion for the sneakers push us to start this adventure in 2016.

The beginnings were complicated. The first year we had to make our jobs compatible with Morrison and move together to a new house in order to dedicate as much time as possible to the brand.. Our first office was the living room at home.


Morrison has a cheerful, funny and rogue spirit. We are inspired by the nineties decade, its music, its films, its aesthetics... and we try to show it in the brand and the designs.


We want to be the Spanish brand of sneakers in the world and to take the Lighthouse to the last corner of the planet. So, wherever you are, #findthelighthouse

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