Combine your sneakers with high socks

This year, we are clear. If there is a trend that is catching on, it is high socks with sneakers .

And at Morrison, we want you to be part of this trend. Because? Because we have already joined it and we love it!

Get a different, original and cool look with the ideas of high socks and sneakers that we are going to give you below.

How to combine high socks with sneakers

The legendary fashion of the 80s and 90s, high socks with sneakers , is a trend that is back to stay.

That is why we have written a small guide for you in which you can find the keys to combining your sneakers and high socks with style.

Here we go!

Types of high socks for your sneakers

High socks and sneakers in the style of the 90s

sneakers with high socks

The first idea we give you is to combine high socks with a 90s aesthetic with your Morrison sneakers.

If you are part of the 90s team, we recommend you check out our Roller Tricolor socks, if you don't already have them at home!

And why, if you love the 90s era, are these socks for you? Because its design is a tribute to 90's video games.

Now, what sneakers to combine them with? An example to combine them are our Varsity sneakers, since they are the perfect candidate for these socks.

Because? Because the colors of the shoes and their style are similar, so you will go together and with a very 90's rules aesthetic.

Camel socks and slippers

combine sneakers and high socks

If you are one of those who bet everything on camel, then we have the perfect combination saved for you.

Our Camel Eighth Note socks are designed with ocher eighth note motifs with a camel bottom and toe. The heel and closure are in brown, so if you are a lover of camel, ocher colors... These are your high socks!

But wait, wait. And what sneakers will these socks match with?

The perfect match for these sneakers are our Groupie sneakers. With its vanilla sole, it is a perfect candidate for a combination of high socks and Morrison sneakers .

Do you like the combo? Well, go for it!

High socks and classic sneakers What never fails!

If you want us to reveal to you a combination of sneakers and high socks suitable for all tastes, then we are very clear: our Dark Gray socks with our Fuel sneakers.

Our socks have a thousand lighthouses tattooed on them to accompany you wherever you go. So they are a safe bet if what you were looking for was an outfit in the purest Morrison style.

And our Nineties Fuel, one of our gray sneakers and our most versatile model. Thanks to their intense gray color, they are suitable for these socks and for… any type of occasion!

Which of these 3 combinations do you prefer? With Morrison, you will always find options to be fashionable, and with our socks, you will give that unique and original touch to your look.

If you still don't have your first Morrison socks or sneakers, we recommend you visit our website and buy original socks or buy your original Morrison sneakers and you will be ready to...

Stand out with your sneakers and high socks look! ;)