Is keeping your sneakers clean a headache for you?

When you buy shoes, keeping them as good as the first day is a real challenge. In this guide, we show you in detail the steps to clean your Morrison sneakers , giving you advice depending on the material with which they were made. You will no longer have an excuse to keep your sneakers impeccable!

Let's get started!

With what products to clean sneakers?

To clean your Morrison sneakers effectively, it is important to use the right products. And what's better than using specific cleaners. At Morrison, we have a cleaning kit manufactured and designed solely to leave our shoes looking like gold. The best way to keep your shoes as good as the first day is to prevent dirt and we have the perfect products for this. Below we break down the materials we are going to need:

  • Morrison Cleaning Crepe : Ideal for removing stains from sneakers. There is nothing better for removing dirt and dust from the surface of your shoes.

Cleansing Crepe

  • Morrison Water Repellent Spray : It is designed specifically for our shoes and is the best option to prevent them from staining. Protects the outer surface of suede and fabric sneakers. In addition, it enriches its texture and color.

Water-repellent Spray

Steps to clean sneakers

We make it easy for you. Follow the steps below to clean your sneakers. It is impossible to get lost!

1. Remove the laces: Untie the laces and remove them from the shoes. This will make cleaning easier and prevent messes during the process.

2. Remove surface dirt: Use the dry cleaning crepe to remove any dirt or dust present on the surface of the shoes.

2.1 Pay special attention to areas with visible stains.

In the event that it is a small stain that has hardly penetrated the shoe, we will use the soft part. To remove the stain, we simply rub with the eraser gently as if we were “erasing the stain.”

2.2 For more difficult stains that have penetrated, but are not very deep, we will use the thickest part of the cleaning crepe. The way to use it would be the same: rubbing the eraser against the stain gently.

EYE! You do not have to wet either the shoe or the crepe rubber.

3. Use the Water-Repellent Spray: Once the shoes are cleaned, the spray to protect the shoes comes into action. This way, we will repel water and prevent small moisture spots from forming when water comes into contact with the shoes (such as when going out on a rainy day or stepping into puddles, for example). How to use?

3.1 After cleaning the shoes: shake the water-repellent spray bottle a little.

3.2. We spray over the entire surface of the shoes evenly about 15 cm from them.

3.3. Let dry naturally. Never in direct sun or using a hairdryer or artificial heat sources.

The length of time the spray's effect lasts depends on the shoe's exposure to moisture. Therefore, on humid days, it is recommended to repeat the application of the spray.

Cleaning and care tips by shoe material

It's a drawer. Not all materials should be treated the same way. At Morrison we rely on 3 main materials to manufacture our shoes. We have leather sneakers , fabric and suede sneakers. That's why we are going to give you different advice depending on the composition of your shoe if you don't have our cleaning kit.



In view of

- Use a soft bristle brush to gently remove dust and surface dirt.

TIP: For more stubborn stains, you can rub gently with an eraser.

-Avoid getting the suede wet, as it may be damaged.

-After cleaning, brush gently in the direction of the suede's pile to restore its soft, velvety appearance.


-Use a soft brush and gently scrub dirty areas. It is not recommended but you can rinse with clean water.

-Allow the fabric sneakers to air dry, avoiding direct exposure to the sun or intense heat.


-Clean leather sneakers regularly with a soft, damp cloth to remove dust and surface dirt.

-Use a mild, specific leather cleaner to clean stubborn stains following the product instructions. -Avoid getting leather sneakers too wet and dry them outdoors. Do not use direct heat sources such as dryers or stoves to speed up the drying process.

Believe us. Cleaning your Morrison sneakers and keeping them in excellent condition is easier than it seems. Follow these tricks and you will extend the useful life of your shoes.

So don't wait any longer, put these tips into practice and enjoy your always radiant Morrison sneakers!