One of the main questions that we are usually asked when we tell people that we have set up a shoe brand is the most obvious but difficult to answer: Why a shoe brand?

For years we have considered countless times the possibility of setting up something together. The difficulty lay in finding a project that combined a passion shared by the three of us and that we could afford financially.

What was clear is that if we had something in common, it was a taste for fashion. Despite having different styles, there was one thing that united us: the sneakers. The objective was clear: if we were able to combine our three styles of clothing in a single product, the story could work. In addition, shoes or "sneakers", as they are currently called, is an item that is on the rise, however, we think that the prices of leading brands are well above their actual production cost.

The product was clear, but how to introduce it to the market? The rise of social networks and the creation of new brands that made a name for themselves in the fashion industry thanks to the online environment is constant. The costs when creating an e-commerce and promoting it are much lower than those of a traditional physical sales business. In addition, it allows you to study the economic return generated by every penny you invest in promoting your brand. And, in our case and with our budget, it was a great value for us. Adjust our investment to the maximum, study the impact in depth and get the most out of all our actions.

And, of course, let's not forget that electronic commerce is growing at an unstoppable speed in the world and, above all, in Spain, a leading country digitally speaking. If others had done it, why not us?

Seems easy right? Well, let's just say that finding the idea was the easiest of all. The difficult thing has been to carry it out. If they had told us a year ago, when we set out on this adventure, the difficulties we would encounter, we would not believe it.
It is true that, in our case, it was a little more difficult due to the limited time we have been in – the three of us have a permanent job and only have weekends off.

Finding suppliers, not just someone who makes your shoes, but where to make the soles, buy the laces, choose the fabrics... that's a real odyssey, especially for a new brand that can't afford the quantities that you are forced to order. to do: "Less than 2,000 pairs we do not do", "for less than 1,500 we do not do production". The first few months those were the only responses we received.

But we continued because we believed in our idea and because we knew that if we pursued it, sooner or later, we would find someone who trusted us. So it was. Asking and asking, friends, acquaintances, relatives... we found a manufacturer from Elche who trusted us, who was willing to "complicate his life" because the project transmitted something to him that he had not felt for a long time.

A year later, as we are about to leave, we look back and the three of us agree that the effort and perseverance in our idea have been worth it. We would do it again a thousand times.