Dear friends and friends,

Although we have already published on social networks the achievement of the objective of this Crowdfunding and how grateful we are to all of you, we wanted to communicate in a more special way with you, our sponsors . We would like to thank each one of you from the bottom of our hearts, who have trusted us, who have wanted to feel part of the beginning of this project, of this vital adventure that is Morrison.

We don't know how to thank the interest that each and every one of you has shown , that you have been able to understand the importance of this project for us and the passion that we have put into carrying it out. You do not know how we value the flexibility, patience and understanding that you have shown so that this Crowdfunding, the key for Morrison to see the light, has been a true success.

When we considered carrying out this Crowdfunding, the doubts, as you can imagine, were innumerable. How would people receive this new form of financing, how would we be able to explain our project to people or how would we solve the more than obvious barriers involved in doing Crowdfunding in Spain. The result has been overwhelming: in 20 days of the campaign, 330 people have financed our project with more than 22,000 euros , almost double what we needed; 500 pairs of shoes are already being prepared to go to your homes and we have managed to reach 4,500 followers on our Facebook account.

Thanks to you, each one of you, this project, which once was a dream, has come true.

We have already taken the first step, now we are going to leave our mark

From now on another stage in our lives begins. A stage for which we are determined to bet without reservations, invest all our energy and try to meet your expectations, which we hope will be very high.

We promise to take care of the details as we have done so far because you, those who have trusted us, deserve that we are up to the task. Once again, thank you very much everyone. You have helped three kids, childhood friends, to fulfill a dream. We promise to reward you.

Signed: Pablo Recuenco, Álvaro Patón and Álvaro Rodríguez, founders of Morrison.