You're a trend hunting ? If your answer is a resounding YES, we are going to give you the best news you will read today! Morrison have new sneakers ! A collection inspired by the last trends fashionable, a collection that will mark a before and after in your life, in your daily looks and in your closet.

Are you ready to find out what shoes are in trend ?

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Latest sneaker trends for men and women

If you want some very strong shoes , very according to this year's trends and capable of giving a fresh touch to your outfits , you have to know our new collection. A collection that is here to stay, to break the mold and to stand out for the brutal cool that each of the sneakers that make it up give off.

And so that you can land in this new season, we are going to show you 5 of our new shoes. Each is designed with a completely different personality. Which one are you going to stay with?

Trends in casual sneakers

Kansas Sneakers

He Kansas model is one of the Crown jewels of our new collection and we already sense that they are going to become your allies this season.

If you want to know a little more about the history of these shoes, their design is inspired by the rocky landscapes of the state of Kansas , making it an ideal sneaker for the most adventurous and for those who want their shoe to be their companion to explore new territories and places.

Sneaker Da Luz

Portuguese ceramic tiles fill every space in which they are found with life and color. They are full of history and are a true artistic icon. Therefore, they deserved a commemoration on one of our sneakers.

He Da Luz model It is designed with the magic that comes from the tiles Portuguese. Its print plays with different shades of navy blue, creating a shoe that combines art , history and last fashion .

Louis sneakers

What do they have to do with jungle landscapes with the freedom to feel like yourself ?

We give you the answer below: Both concepts come together in our Louis model , sneakers with a print inspired by Africa.

If it already sounded familiar to you that fabrics and prints Africans are in trend, with our Louis you can confirm it.

They are ideal for those who live everyday life with the same intensity as a trip through a new and still unknown territory.

Are Sneakers are designed in suede , in burgundy and dark green tones. Its sole is bacon color and its laces are jute.

Nirvana Sneakers

Playing with the trend of pastel colors , such as light blue or nude, and paisley prints , this sneaker is born, a sneaker inspired by the concept of Nirvana.

Do you know what this concept is about? Nirvana is a state in which happiness and complete peace are achieved. And that's exactly what we want you to experience when you put on our shoes. Which, by the way, are type Higher , ideal if you like this type of sports. Remember that at Morrison you can find both high-top sneakers and low-top sneakers.

Sneaker Artic

He marble print is one of the trends for sneakers of the last few months. If you are in love with this type of design, with our Artic you can satisfy your desire to wear aesthetic shoes. marbled .

Its waves in different bluish and grayish tones are inspired by the shapes of glaciers, making this model a casual shoe with an elegant air.

Have you already fallen in love with one of these Morrisons? If you want to dress with the latest sneaker trends , with our new collection you will achieve it ;)

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