Latest trends in socks

Any sneaker lover knows that to get a 10-point look, you have to have some fashion socks that add vibe to the outfit.

The why? Lately, socks are a accessory that is gaining prominence and carrying them on sight has become a real trend .

If you are looking for and capturing socks that are very top, in Morrison We are going to tell you which ones you can bet on to achieve a style that is in line with fashion and, at the same time, helps you express your personality and uniqueness.

Sock fashion: Go for tall ones

Yes, pinkie socks are a thing of the past. The high socks are in fashion and, surely, you have seen it in more than one daily look and even on Instagram (PS: On our IG you have many photos to inspire you)

The High socks are one of the biggest trends right now . And, unlike what happened a few years ago, they are no longer an exclusive winter accessory, but rather last at any time of the year and are perfect to combine with shorts, dresses or skirts.

Let's say that, in this way, they stand out more. Especially if the combination of colors and styles complement each other.

And what sock design can you choose to be fashionable? At Morrison we give you some ideas for very top socks with which you can revolutionize your outfits and create different and original outfits.

High roller socks with logo

One of the more orders from our store and, without a doubt, some socks that They don't stop being fashionable . It is a timeless accessory that has managed to conquer old school lovers for its American retro style.

His design? You have it available in two reverse colors. You can buy them on our website in a black version, with the Morrison logo in white with a black background and red stripes or in a white style, in white with a black background and red stripes.

They are perfect high socks to combine with our black sneakers either our red sneakers in order to achieve perfect color synchronization.

High retro socks

Yes for you Old School trend will never go out of style , These Morrison socks are your definitive match .

In fact, if you like to dress in a style reminiscent of the 90s, these socks will become your essentials, especially if you combine them with one of our Higher , since its design fits with this type of sneakers perfectly.

So if you are going to soon buy some high sneakers In our store, we recommend that you take advantage of and include our retro socks in your order, we assure you that you will get a guaranteed nineties vibe.

Socks with tattooed lighthouses

For those who are searching for the lighthouse, finding and demonstrating what makes them themselves, at Morrison we have designed our high socks with tattooed headlights .

We know that this model of socks never goes out of style. Why? Because it is one of Morrison's classic socks, one of our socks that, year after year, become a versatile garment due to the colors in which it is available.

You can get this model of socks in green, yellow, grey, blue or maroon and, depending on the tone you choose, combine it with one of our Millennial sneakers or Nineties sneakers You choose!

Which of our Morrison socks do you prefer? Remember that to set a trend, the most important thing is that you dress in clothes and footwear that make you feel like yourself. In our online store you have all kinds of shoes and accessories with which to achieve it and break the corduroy. Start shaping your new outfits!