When autumn and mid-season arrive, the time begins when it is difficult to find the perfect outfit . The days of contradictory temperatures begin. A temperature that will make you doubt whether to go out dressed in a t-shirt, sweatshirt or even a coat... Getting it right is difficult!

We know that when it comes to choosing clothes to wear during the half-season, it can be complicated. But, if we talk about sneakers , the decision becomes easier, since sneakers are, par excellence, the most versatile and versatile type of footwear of all .

For his fabric are perfect for all types of seasons . Therefore, if you are unsure about which shoe to choose at half-time, opting for your Morrison sneakers will always be a success.

What type of sneakers are you wearing this fall?

Trend alert! The style of sneakers that are being worn this fall are the “ casual-runner ”, a type of sneaker with a sporty style, but with elegant and modern nuances that make them the perfect candidates for everyday wear.

As part of their aesthetics, these types of shoes are Designed with the thinnest toe , which makes them the queens of street style.

Additionally, they include not very pronounced heels in the sole area. The reason? These studs provide an extra dose of aesthetics and originality to the sneaker.

In addition, they also have another function. They make the step much more comfortable, so they are shoes with which you can live your day to day with vitality without feeling any discomfort.

How to include sneakers in your fall looks?

For days when the weather surprises and, against all odds, the temperature is warm, similar to summer, the ideal is create a fall look in which you combine your sneakers with a t-shirt. At Morrison you can find Original t-shirts , made of cotton, with prints that, as soon as you see them, you will match.

One of our coolest t-shirts for this fall is our “ Comic Tee .” Which, in addition to being based on the song “ El Fin del Mundo ” by La La Love You , one of the top pop/punk groups of the moment, meets the Most chosen colors in the autumn season , warm colors such as burgundy, red or yellow or mustard.

If, in addition to being a super fan of this group like us, you love wearing clothes in these shades this season, the “Comic Tee” is your perfect t-shirt.

And, if you like to exactly match the tones of your camis with those of your sneakers, the ideal sneakers for our “Comic Tee” are our “Brandy” sneakers.

The Brandy sneaker belong to our range “casual-runner ” and, like the t-shirt, are designed in warm tones.

As for materials, if lately you were thinking about buy suede sneakers Due to the fine aesthetics that this type of shoes offers, we must tell you that our Brandy are designed alternating suede and nylon.

If you want to combine your shoes with other clothes that do not follow the norm of autumn colors, at Morrison we give you other ideas.

If you are one of those to whom Pink color empowers them in their daily lives , we have a top combination for these months. He perfect combo includes our Istanbul shoes and our Pink Dye sweatshirt .

Our Istanbul sneakers are part of our collection of printed sneakers and its style meets the runner-casual aesthetic, which is trending this fall. Its design is inspired by the markets of Türkiye, making it a shoe with an original and oriental feel.

Our Pink Dye sweatshirt is designed with a washed effect and its seam in the shoulder area, moved forward, gives it a vintage touch.

This combination is ideal for days when it starts to cool down and you need a comfortable but stylish look.

And what look and which autumn sneakers would you opt for? If you want to discover more sneakers that are ideal for fall, don't forget that at Morrison we have the sneakers that are trending this season.

And, if you have a predilection for a specific color, in our online store we offer you to buy all kinds of shades of sneakers such as blue slippers , White shoes , green sneakers , brown sneakers … Take a look and choose yours for fall!