In 30 days of the campaign, we have quintupled our goal, raising 132,587 euros , something that only 3% of crowdfunding have achieved in history, and 1,593 people have participated, something unthinkable when we started the campaign.

This project was a challenge for us, a goal that we set before the beginning of the year, to prove that Morrison could work outside of Spain. And what better way to test it than by doing our second crowdfunding. We know the barriers of running a campaign like this; a collection system that is still somewhat unknown, an unfamiliar platform, the language difference... but your response has been incredible. There are no barriers for you.

The result is that more than 70% of the sponsors have been foreigners, which validates our idea and helps us begin a new stage in the brand. Opening to the international market.

This is all part of all of you. We are very proud that you carry Morrison and we promise to continue striving and improving to bring you better collections, better products and, above all, much more Morrison.

Thank you all for participating in our second Crowdfunding. Will there be a third? Who knows... Let's enjoy now that Morrison is now international.