We go back to where it all began. Two years ago you trusted us and helped us implement our vision of creating a brand of different, disruptive shoes made by hand in Spain, thanks to our first Crowdfunding campaign, where we raised 22,617 euros in 20 days.

Now we return to where we started, to count on you in our international expansion, to make Morrison, the Lighthouse and our shoes known worldwide.  We want to be the Spanish shoe brand in the world. And we bring you our new collection, exclusively on KickStarter, at an unrepeatable price. Our second Crowdfunding begins.

What is crowdfunding?

For those of you who know our history well and have ever heard us speak, this will already be familiar to you. For the new members of the family, we have created a website where we explain it to you in detail.  

What will our campaign be like?

Our second Crowdfunding will start on September 19 and end on October 19. Only one month to achieve our goal: 22,617 euros of financing, the same as in the first campaign. It will be an all or nothing campaign. Either we reach the goal or the campaign will have failed.

What benefits will you have if you participate?

--> 1º You can buy the New Collection 18/19 of the Morrison Nineties. They will only be for sale on KickStarter. Only for 30 days.

--> 2º Free shipping costs in the Peninsula: You will only pay the price of the shoes. Nothing else.

--> 3rd An unrepeatable price . The new collection, with free shipping costs in  Peninsula, will have a price of 59 euros (final price with shipping costs included).  When the PVP will be €64. Of course, this reduced price will have limited units. If you are not one of the fastest, the price will go up.

--> 4th Discount packs : If you want bigger discounts, you can get packs of sneakers. The more shoes you buy, the more discount you will have.  Call your friends!

--> 5th Shoe improvements: The new Nineties come with a new custom sole with the lighthouse, a new breathable and removable insole, better reinforcements and materials, and a new rear strap with the lighthouse. More Morrison than ever.

What do we need from you?

  • --> How about you participate! We want nothing more than for you to continue to be part of Morrison's growth. So we count on you again.

  • --> That you spread it. Tell your friends, share it on social networks. You are not only helping us by participating, but by letting many others know about it.

  • --> Give us time for deliveries. Being a Crowdfunding campaign, we have to wait for it to end to be able to collect all the data and make the shipments. The estimated delivery date will be November 15. Although we hope to do it sooner!

The road up to here has not been easy. We still can't believe all that has happened since we started thinking about Morrison more than two years ago. Our first Crowdfunding campaign was quite a trial by fire for us, who at that time still made our work compatible with this project. But with our passion for the brand and the determination of our friendship, we were able to be extremely successful in the campaign (€22,617 raised, more than double our goal) and subsequently launch our online store and sell over 15,000 pairs. of sneakers in 2 years, while we were employed for most of that time.

From the beginning we were aware that the only way to prosper in a market as mature as footwear was to be disruptive, take risks and differentiate ourselves from the rest. Be creative and stay away from the basics and all those brands that do the same.

We have also understood the value of quality and customer service. These two years have helped us to reach very high quality standards and have close and fluid contact with the client.

After two years we are still very aware of this and that is why we want to continue innovating and betting on creativity and good work. Now a new era begins. We want to turn Morrison and El Faro into world references and be the Spanish shoe brand in the world. 

We count on you. As we did from day one. We will get it back.

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