If you have come this far, it is probably because you want to be inspired and find out which are the best sneakers for going out .

Although it is difficult to make a selection of the top Morrison sneakers, in this article we are going to highlight different models that will surely become the best sellers in your closet. Don't you believe it? Read this article because you are going to fall in love with our shoes.

We are going to recommend 3 sneakers for going out every day and another 3 for going out to parties. Discover them!

Best sneakers for going out daily


The Caramel are suede sneakers in light blue, emerald green, pastel pink and raw nappa leather. A whole combination of happy, fun, even artistic colors, perfect for all those who do not want to go unnoticed.

Designed by the Madrid illustrator Be Fernández , make an authentic remake of pop culture. So if you are a lover of this style, Caramel should not be missing from your wardrobe.

Also, if you are one of those who loves to stand out, with these sneakers you will be amazed by the colors (pun intended) and you will achieve double happiness. You will not find more colorful sneakers!


These shoes are designed in mint green tone which, combined with a vanilla sole, become one of Morrison's most chosen .

Its ethnic print, inspired by the Mayan aesthetic, makes it a very special shoe, perfect if you want all-terrain sneakers with which to live all kinds of adventures.


Different, with an ethnic design that will excite you no matter what you are, our sneakers Inka are ideal for everyday use .

They are comfortable, with soft colors such as sand, light brown and sky blue that, when combined with a print with the same tones, have become one of Morrison's most sought-after shoes.

Whoever releases them... They don't take them off. What are you waiting for to try them? ;)

Best sneakers to go out partying

If you are looking for shoes to go out partying with, with a cool aesthetic and a unique essence, at Morrison we have the perfect sneakers for you.

If you are conceited, you will surely take your time to choose a look that matches the situation. For this reason, at Morrison we have also taken the time to select and inform you about the party shoes that you will not want to take off for a single night.

You are from looks sugarcane in which animal print has a place?

Then you need to know our disruptive Cheetah .

Its design makes it a shoe with an imposing personality, ideal for a person who wants to enjoy it to the fullest and go for it.

They are made with the technique fashion-waste , a form of wear that we apply manually and that is different in each sneaker.

Therefore, you can have a exclusive model, since no one else will have the same worn than you, something that will turn your nights into experiences as unique as these slippers.


Concert in sight? Meeting at a friend's house to chat or listen to music? We got you! If you are a lover of musical plans and that's how you have fun and party, then you have to know our Punker .

With a very elegant but at the same time different touch, very 90s and at the same time very 2022, these shoes are groundbreaking, inspiring, rocking and fun. We want your sneakers to be synonymous with the experiences you can live every night.


Are you one of those who want to use your shoes both during the day and at night?

The Morrison Nineties Coq have a fantasy print that will make you stand out both at the skatepark and at your favorite venue. In addition, they belong to our collection “ Partiendo la pana ” Inspired by those who fight for their dreams and do it differently from the rest. These printed sneakers are perfect for going out and having a great time.

They are designed with blue and black suede, and a black corduroy tongue. The sole is vanilla and the laces are black, 100% cotton.

Remember that if you decide to buy new Morrison sneakers, you will be betting on buy really TOP sneakers. On our website you will find all these models and many more such as shoes with black soles or with brown soles or sneakers roses , yellow sneakers

Put your shoes in your cart now and let yourself be illuminated by the Morrison Lighthouse! ;)