The countdown to go on a trip has already begun. Your suitcase is still half packed and you urgently need some comfortable shoes, with which to live new experiences and, of course, with which to show off your cool.

At Morrison we are going to introduce you to the one that will never fail you on your adventures around the world: The top sneakers for traveling .

Do you want to meet her? In this article we are going to teach you What are the best shoes to go to that dream destination . But yes, we warn you that when you see them you will feel love at first sight.

Ready to fall in love? Here we go!

How to choose sneakers for traveling?

Whatever your destination, we have a Morrison for you : iconic, different, disruptive and with which you will make your trip a memorable experience.

But, to find the shoe that you will match, you must ask yourself some questions: What destination are you traveling to? Do you want comfort or aesthetics? Do you have certain materials in mind?

What destination are you going to travel to?

If you feel Will Smith, in “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air'', traveling from Philadelphia to Los Angeles, because your next stop is a big city , then you need comfortable and versatile sneakers that can accompany you to explore and experience new sensations in the city .

Therefore, we cannot miss the opportunity and recommend you our Bel-Air sneakers , inspired by the famous series we just named, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Its bold and striking colors, its vintage print and its nineties vibe will make you not think twice: You will want to put them in your suitcase as soon as you see them.

Are you going on a musical getaway ? So we are clear. The best shoes for dance , listen to your favorite groups and live unforgettable moments you will find them in Morrison Because? Because we are as fans of concerts as you are. We live the music, we feel it and we are inspired by it to create our shoe models. For this reason, we have created a category of sneakers designed to live out plans in which music is the protagonist.

In fact, we leave you here our article “ These are the sneakers that you will see at all the festivals ” in which you will find sneakers like the great Genie , with an aesthetic inspired by the Middle East and perfect for breaking out wherever you go. Or our Hippies , with a flower power print that will fill you with good vibes and joy while you wear them.

But if you Getaway is going to be to a quiet place , where you can disconnect from everything for a few days, then you need another load of shoes. Sneakers with which you can immerse yourself in the here and now and with which you can achieve a casual look. For this type of trips, our Evergreen They are the ones indicated. These sneakers in color Dark green , maroon and pastel green are ideal for occasions when you want to dress comfy but with a casual touch.

Are you looking for comfort or fashion?

At Morrison we faithfully believe that our sneakers should ensure the comfort you need at all times. Therefore, we must tell you that the vast majority of our models are manufactured with features such as a raised sole, a detail that will give you extra comfort with every step that des .

So we assure you that you will enjoy the fullest comfort.

And if what moves you when choosing a sneaker is that they are the latest fashion, that they have an artistic point and that they are capable of becoming a true best seller in your closet, then you will like to know the sneakers designed by Be Fernandez , shoes that manage to convey all the good vibes that are needed to enjoy a good vacation.

The Vanilla model is one of her creations and in it you can see the neo-pop essence that characterizes the artist. With tones such as blue, pink or yellow, it manages to generate a contrast full of energy. The perfect mood for the holidays!

Vegan or fabric or corduroy?

If you are one of those who are looking for shoes for everyday use or for traveling that include specific materials, at Morrison you will find a variety of models both vegan as with other types of materials such as leather . In our store you can buy different models of vegan sneakers made with products that respect the planet, such as the Bayside. Or models made of leather like the Rocker.

How many pairs of shoes should you take for a trip?

The number of saplings It will depend on the days you are going to be traveling . Although, we recommend that you take at least two pairs, since this way you can change and combine different looks.

On our website you can buy original sneakers perfect for your trip. And also, to complete your suitcase, at Morrison we offer you accessories that right now are essential for traveling, such as masks , which you will also find in our physical stores or in our online store. Take a look and take everything you need to live your trip to the fullest