Infallible tips to combine your socks


No ideas about How to combine your Morrison socks ? If you are looking for how combine them To get an elegant, casual and cool look, in this article we are going to give you the tips infallible to combine them and achieve a look of 10.

Let's go !

Do the socks have to match the shoes or the pants?

The million dollar question! In fact, it is usually advisable to combine the socks with the pants so that, in this way, the socks stand out more due to the contrast they achieve in the look.

Although, since rules are meant to be broken, if you want to go further and skip this “unwritten rule” we advise you. Combine your socks with your sneakers .

In fact, combining them with your shoes will give you more play, since you will be able to experiment and try different shades, prints, fabrics...

How to combine socks with shoes or sneakers?

Do not choose the same color of socks as sneakers

The idea is that your socks stand out and are the protagonists of your look , therefore, do not choose socks that are the same color as your sneakers, as they will not make them stand out. Better, opt for contrasts.

Bet on prints that express your personality

And yes, for you Your appearance is a way of expressing to the world who you are , what better than Do it through your socks , which are a subtle accessory, but strong enough to differentiate you from the rest due to its print or colors.

Therefore, to choose socks with a different print and combine it with your shoes, the ideal is for them to be of a uniform tone that helps you achieve balance in the outfit.

For example, if you choose socks with a print in different colors, it is ideal for your shoes to be a neutral tone such as black, gray, maroon or white.

Ideas for high socks to combine with Morrison sneakers

If you have finally said bye bye to the “pinkies” socks and you have your closet full of Morrison high socks , it's time for you to start introducing them strategically into your outfits and combine them with your shoes.

To save you time, we leave you some ideas to inspire you in your next outfits:

Electric colored socks and black sneakers:

If you are pure energy, dynamism and you want this to be reflected in your look, then go for high socks with electric tones like yellow or blue.

An example of this are our Rayo socks, socks that will help you express all the strength of your personality. Combined with some black sneakers either gray sneakers , like our Fuel, you will get a balanced and perfect combination.

Morrison Socks Morrison black

Blue socks with sneakers

Everything in blue? If your answer is: YES, then you can choose socks with different shades of this color and combine them with sneakers that give them the prominence they deserve.

Do you want an example? Combine our Glacier Eighth Socks with our Varsity socks.

Morrison Socks Sneakers

Gray socks with your Morrisons

If you are one of those who love the color gray and have no intention of opting for other colors, we recommend that you choose socks that have some striking motif or print. In this way, you can make your socks stand out and be the target of everyone's attention.

For example, you can choose our dark gray socks that have our Lighthouse incorporated and combine them with our versatile maroon sneakers Terra. In this way, you will achieve a classic but elegant and original combination.

Lighthouse socks Maroon sneaker

You already know how to combine your socks ? Then you are ready to create 10 looks in which your socks are the true stars!