5 ideas to combine Morrison sneakers with dresses

If you have declared yourself unconditional fan of dresses , you should know that this garment can be Combine perfectly with your favorite sneakers . In fact, this combination in an outfit is one of the most successful due to the originality, aesthetics and comfort it offers.

Do you want us to inspire you on how to wear your sneakers with the dress you have in mind? We leave you different ideas of looks ideal for all types of occasions!

Looks of dresses and sneakers

Are you one of those who dare to new combinations and you don't set limits when creating looks ? Then you are in the right article!

If you have already chosen your dress and you don't know very well how to wear it with your shoes, we are going to give you advice on how to combine them, based on the most popular " street style " dresses.

Midi dresses with sneakers

It is not new news that midi dresses are a trend. Midi dresses stylize the figure and, in addition, are a resource that you can always bet on, whether for everyday outfits or for more special occasions.

If you want to give a new look to your aesthetic, stop combining it with boots and opt for including your Morrison sneakers, a good idea is the “high-top” sneakers or high heels .

Depending on the color of your dress, in our Higher shoe category We offer you all kinds of shades in which you will find the perfect model. For example, if you prefer “more classic” shoes, you can opt for our White shoes “Varsity”, which are inspired by typical American college clothing.

Sneaker for long and casual dresses

The long dresses They provide a modern as well as casual image. If your dress is long and of a uniform color, such as black, white or gray, the best idea to combining it is choosing some shoes that are striking due to their aesthetics or their colors.

In this way, you will create an original look in which your sneakers will be the center of attention.

At Morrison we are passionate about making different and iconic sneakers. So in our online store you can find sneakers ideal for this type of dress, like our “ Coq ”, which have a fantasy-style print and a design in blue and black tones.

Dressed in black sneakers

The black sneakers They are very easy to combine. And, if you wish wear them with a dress and you need inspiration on which model to choose, we recommend, for example, our “Nineties La La Love You”, inspired by the song “El Fin del Mundo” by the famous group La La Love You.

If your personality is very “hearts, pizza and music” these shoes, due to their print, are ideal for you. These black sneakers with a dress will create an original and fun mix.

Dressed in white sneakers

There are who They don't want to leave their comfort zone . And this area is the White shoes . And we are not surprised because is there anything more elegant than well-matched white sneakers? And, of course, if you want to match them with your dress looks, these sneakers are ideal.

In fact, with a black dress, they will create a very top aesthetic. Do you want any ideas? Our “ Aero ” sneakers are white and designed in micro-perforated synthetic Napa. Get them!

Tight dress with sneakers

Tight dresses with sneakers are a style that always works. If you usually opt for this type of dress and want to show off your cool, you can wear it with one of our News , our “casual-runner”, the top sneakers of the moment and, of course, they are part of the sneakers that are triumphing this fall/winter .

They are designed with slightly pronounced studs, which add aesthetics to the sneaker and also add extra comfort to the shoe.

Of these “casual-runner” models, you can buy gray sneakers , like our “Future”, cream sneakers like our “Legend”, which has cream or beige shades, pink and blue sneakers like our “Istanbul”. You choose!

Have we inspired you on how to combine your dress with your sneakers? Choose your best dress and split the corduroy with your Morrison sneakers!