Charlie is a boy who, at the age of 15, decided to take his guitar and go sing through the streets of Madrid, hidden from his parents.

He himself does not know very well why he did it, he simply felt that he had to do it and he took the step to bet on his passion.

Five years later , he has not missed a single Friday on the streets of Madrid, where more than 200 people are already waiting for him just to hear him sing.

He sings the songs that he has grown up with and that have moved him. Perhaps that is why he knows how to connect with his public, with whom he shares so much.

He is a phenomenon on social networks and is about to take the leap to create his own musical project at the hands of one of the world's great record labels.

If you want to know more about him or see him on a Friday in Madrid, you can follow him on his Instagram @charlieusg. 5 year

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