One of our favorite marching bands that we grew up with in the 2000s is already part of Morrison.

His songs Nada que Perder, Estoy Enfermo, Te entendo or Sube a mi rocete are some examples of songs that have accompanied us during the 2000s and that made Pignoise one of the best-known bands on the Spanish and Latin American music scene.

The moment of explosion of the band coincided when they put the soundtrack to the well-known television series, Los Hombres de Paco. Another reason to love them.

This union between Morrison and Pignoise arose in a viral challenge with which we got Álvaro Benito, the singer of Pignoise, to sign us a guitar to raffle it among all of you.

The rest is history.

The first single from the project is titledA sensation ”… a whole invitation to “fight for our dreams and goals in life, reminding us that we have to take advantage of time because it goes by very quickly”, 100% Morrison philosophy.

That is why we wanted to go hand in hand with them on their new path. We have sponsored the video clip for their new single and they have announced a new album for the end of the year . We will accompany you on this return to the stage on your 2022 tour.

We have chatted with them about music, about the passion of dedicating yourself to what you like and many other things. If you don't want to miss any of them you can follow them on their Instagram @pignoise

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